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Nick has been on the front lines – working in martial arts gyms for over 20 years, managing martial arts businesses for over 15 years, and coaching other martial arts business owners across Canada and the United States for almost 10 years.

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Glory Martial Arts Center

Omar Kadi

If you’re thinking of opening a Martial arts studio make the best choice you can possibly make by hiring Nick. You won’t regret it! Nick saved me from thousands of dollars in bad choices. I am one of the most skeptical people in the world, I grew up in New York City where everyone you meet has a pitch. The difference is this isn’t a pitch it’s real proven results backed by years of experience. If you don’t believe it just take a look at my gym’s social media. Pictures speak 1000 words.
Kalsamrit Gym INC

Brendan Kalijundic

I’ve been consulting with Nick Castiglia since 2012, when I began consulting, we had one small location (2000sq feet), about 70 members and were making all the mistakes. We were on the brink of bankruptcy and grappling with having to close the business. After I sat down with Nick to discuss what we could do and he said something that I will never forget and, I believe, changed my path for business success. “Either you go all in and focus on your MMA career or you focus on a successful business but you can’t do both.” Because I was also competing and fighting in MMA, and having a successful journey but also trying to run the business… seeing as I was living in the back room of the gym with my wife in a bunk-bed, I made the decision to listen to every piece of advice and go all in on having and go all in on having a successful gym. 10 years later I have 2 locations over 11,000 sq feet, over 1000 members between both locations, own my own house and have a rental property! I married my wife, had a two week honeymoon in Thailand and have travelled to over 30 countries since then! Life is good but I legit did everything I was told and more, and I mean everything I was told to do I DID! Over those 10 years. I have and continue to host Nick for staff training seminars every year and attended all the events for business training ! I continue to consult to this day but now with more of a focus on what to go with the money, investments, consulting advice for my retirement and real estate plans and business succession with Nick!!
Royal City BJJ

Rob Veltman

As a Martial Arts school owner, joining Legacy Martial Arts Consulting was the best thing I have ever done. After spending years scraping by and having to work a second job, five months with legacy increased my student count by 110%, allowing me to live comfortably while eliminating my other job. I cannot thank Nick enough for his guidance and support to make this happen.