Legacy Martial Arts


Don’t take our word for it, Just ask these guys !


As a Martial Arts school owner, joining Legacy Martial Arts Consulting was the best thing I have ever done. After...


I’ve been consulting with Nick Castiglia since 2012, when I began consulting, we had one small location (2000sq feet), about...


If you’re thinking of opening a Martial arts studio make the best choice you can possibly make by hiring Nick....

Joey Morency

As someone who has always leaned towards skepticism, even bordering on cynicism, within the Legacy group, I approached anything related...

Kru Yuki Yamanaka

Legacy Martial Arts Consulting has not only helped our gym to double its membership base and income, but it's...

Spencer Selmon

If you have never hosted summer camps before, be sure to hit up the Legacy coaches! I've run summer camps...
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