Success Story

Joey Morency



As someone who has always leaned towards skepticism, even bordering on cynicism, within the Legacy group, I approached anything related to the business side of coaching with a negative mindset. Sales, marketing, consultancy – these aspects left me wary. Despite knowing Nick since I was 18 and witnessing his effectiveness as an entrepreneur, coach, gym owner, and promoter, I still harbored doubts. I feared being pushed into activities I didn’t align with just for the sake of profit. I was apprehensive about seeking help, worried it might compromise my integrity.

However, I couldn’t have been more mistaken. Nick and his company, Legacy, have not only respected my vision but have also provided invaluable guidance on effectively managing my gym. Their support extends beyond financial matters, touching every aspect of my business. Thanks to their assistance, I’ve transitioned from struggling to make 5-10k a month (often operating at a loss) to consistently earning 20-30k a month. My first profitable months occurred after partnering with Legacy. Looking back, I regret not joining them sooner. I can only imagine how much smoother things could have been if I had sought their assistance before opening my gym. I wholeheartedly endorse Legacy and encourage others to seek their expertise.